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Brutal Battles of Vietnam Book
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Brutal Battles of Vietnam: America’s Deadliest Days, 1965-1972 is VFW’s contribution to the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. This 480-page book covering some 100 military actions is an outgrowth of VFW’s award-winning magazine series called Vietnam’s Deadliest Battles. Running over seven years, its excellence was recognized with 13 national magazine awards.

Click here to watch a short video about the book featuring VFW members James E. Livingston,USMC Major General (retired) and Medal of Honor recipient; and Robert "Rocky" Bleier, former NFL football player and motivational speaker.

Genuinely a one-of-a-kind work, it provides the most comprehensive battle history of the war, published in a single volume. Brimming with compelling stories, the book focuses exclusively on the perspective of the American fighter. Stirring first-person accounts reveal the raw emotions of the men at the tip of the spear. Insiders—actual participants themselves—tell what it was like to be in life-and-death situations. The high drama of the battlefield is felt through words and 700 pictures. You will learn about both elite and regular units far too often forgotten.

Special features, fascinating sidebars, helpful maps, numerous charts, a listing of the war’s most highly decorated veterans, splendid illustrations and the most in-depth combat chronology ever compiled complement the riveting chapters. In all, this book contains a treasure trove of information backed by exhaustive research, making it a must-have reference.

Filled with accounts of amazing human endurance and incredible bravery, this is a book that veterans, military historians and family members alike can enjoy. While ensuring the legacy of those who served, it also makes a wonderful family keepsake.

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Richard K. Kolb: Publisher and editor-in-chief of VFW magazine for 27 years (1989-2016), Kolb worked on this project over 10 years with input from hundreds of veterans. He has authored 9 books and 11 booklets on various military subjects. Kolb served in Vietnam with the 4th Infantry and 101st Airborne divisions during 1970-71 in the Central Highlands and I Corps as an artillery RTO.

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