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Certificate of Remembrance
Product Code: 04372

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25 - 99

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For presentation to family for Comrades who have died. Minimum order of 6.

Reads:  "Whereas, the Eternal God, in his infinite wisdom, has called to his presence our beloved Comrade ___________, and Whereas, the devotion to duty, courage, and patriotism which so well served our Country during time of war have also endeared our comrade to those who share the common bond of service under the Flag of the United States of America; now, therefore, Be It Resolved, that __________ and the members thereof, extend to the family and friends our deepest sympathy in the passing; offering them the consolation of knowing that their grief is shared by those who have been privileged to serve with our comrade in peace as in war. Be It Further Resolved, that this resolution be spread upon the minutes of this Post and that a copy thereof be presented to the next of kin. Adopted in meeting assembled this _____ day of _________." 

Has two signature lines: One for the Commander and one for the Adjutant.



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