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Navy Magic Pad
Product Code: 01140
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Product Description

Non-slip grip pad adheres to dry flat surfaces. Great for holding cell phones, coins, earbuds and more; or use it to keep track of small parts in the workshop.

  • Polyurethane gel pad sticks to the surface without the use of adhesive
  • Can also be used in the kitchen, office, home gym or garage
  • Press and hold object in place for two seconds
  • If pad gets dirty, simply remove and wash with mild detergent
  • Nontoxic, odorless and recyclable

Can withstand heat and cold extremes ranging from -50C to 100C (-122F to 212F) Do not place on or near airbag. Do not place on paper, woodwork or painted surfaces. For surfaces not listed, test in inconspicuous spot first.



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