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Patriotic Socks
Price of Freedom T-Shirt
Starting at $12.95
US Stick Flags (12)
Branch of Service Caps
Starting at $17.95
Patriotic Eagle USA Cap
OD Green Veteran/US Flag Cap
POW MIA Lanyard
Patriotic Lanyard
Rebranded VFW Logo Stylus Pen
US Flag Pin
US Flag Pin
History of the VFW DVD
Brutal Battles of Vietnam Book
Red and Black Rebranded VFW Stretch Fit Cap
Starting at $22.95
Debossed Brown Leather Keyfob
Rebranded Red Camo T-shirts
Starting at $21.95
POW-MIA Eagle Pin
Auxiliary Blue Hoodie
Starting at $42.00
Patriotic Eagles Flag Tie
VFW Phone Card Holder
VFW Furry Friends Rope Disc
Patriotic Pearl Set
Bronze Fallen Soldier Pin
Welcome Home Coin
VFW Dog Tag Bottle Opener
VFW Grey and Black Stretch Cap
Auxiliary Thank you Coin
Stars and Stripes Eagle Tie
Patriotic Eagle Tie
Patriotic USA Suspenders
Walnut Coin Display
White and Blue VFW Mug, 15oz
Blue 2 Sided Auxiliary Mug
VFW Drink Koozie
VFW Desktop Box
Patriotic Ladies Fleece Jackets
Starting at $34.00
Patriotic Ladies Fleece Vests
Starting at $31.00
Patriotic Eagle Flag Pin
Patriotic Eagle Flag Necklace
Patriotic Eagle Flag Earrings
Black Tactical Patch Cap
Branch of Service Cap Patch
Starting at $5.00
Vietnam Veteran Tactical Patch
POW-MIA Cap Patch 2 x 3.375"
VFW Khaki Tactical Patch Cap
VFW Commander Tactical Patch
Past Commander Tactical Patch
Maroon Hoodie
Starting at $42.00
Navy Blue Hoodie
Starting at $19.95
Royal Blue Hoodie
Starting at $19.95
VFW Branded Logo Knit Cap
Life Member Knit Cap
Heather Blue Tote with VFW Logo
Auxiliary Tote
US Flag Ribbon Pin